Artykuły :: Wyniki z meczy :: [RO:Ladder]: 3rd Shock Army 2 : 6 team enclave
Author: IgraSov
Submitted by: IgraSov   Date: 2010-12-05 00:21
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 3rd Shock Army  :  team enclave 
2  :  6

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Nice and intense match. We had major problems with our tactic on Rakowice, but with little luck we capped last object during our attack. Defense for us was crappy :|
Baksan, our map and we controled both rounds very well.
Thx for war.
Sry i missed first screenshot and last one i took from demo.

- RO-Rakowice
- RO-BaksanValley

- runda 1
- runda 2
- runda 3
- runda 4

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