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Starting our Discord

3 listopada 2018 BartBear_[PL] Informacja technicznaRedOrchestra.PlWiadomości

„Better late than never”


Our Forum here is close to be dead, no one uses Mumble and Discord is merging text and vocal chat in one and… you can run it from your Web-browser (for most basic features) or if you want to be „pro” just use the dedicated (free) app.

Of course Forum, Poll and News here are still running, but you have a modern alternative now.

How to join?

Just click this invite link

It is „one time ticket” so if you don’t like it – it will not be written in your Discord server list after you leave, but if you like it you can be added (by admin) to one (or both) of the standard solid groups:

  • OSTFRONTERS – for our RO: Ostfront 24/7 Server Players
  • FightNights Regulars – as the name says

Skomentuj wiadomość w temacie na naszym forum!

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