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Revenge of the Turul v2.2

12 listopada 2012 BartBear_[PL] Revenge of the TurulWiadomościWydarzenia

Wychodzi patch do RotT, który oczywiście będzie dostępny na naszej stronie.

Co znajdzie się w nowej odsłonie? Oto changelog:

-Flammpanzer III
-two new textures and a new shooting sound for Tiger II
-new Hungarian tank: M34 Toldi III in summer and winter camouflage
New tank textures for:
-most Russian tanks
-Panzer IV F1
-Panther D
-Jagdpanzer 38 (t)
+ darked textures for all Hungarian tanks

Tank optic changed/precision increased:
-up to 600m for 39M Csaba
-up to 600m for Toldis with 20mm gun
-up to 1.000m for Toldis with 40mm gun, ammunition changed
-overworking M40 Nimrod optic, up to 1.000m
-new optic for T-38, up to 1.000m
-new optic for P III Ausf. N, working up to 2.000m
-new optic for M41 Turan, up to 1.000m
-new optic for M43 Turan, up to 3.000m
-new optic for M44 Zrinyi, working up to 2.500m
-overworked optic for KV-1S, now precise up to 1.000m
-KV-85 optic works now fine up to 1.000m, same with IS-1
-new optic for 40/43M Zrinyi, up to 1.000m
-new optic for Tas Roham Löveg, working up to 4.000m

-single fire mode for PPD-40, PPSH-41 and MP 41
-new Russian weapon: AVT-40
-Hungarian side arms have now the right bullet speed

And several other changes for more realism.

The following things are in work:
-new optic for M40 Turan
-Flammpanzer 38(t)

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